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Internet is very necessary thing and this is very popular for long time. Many people prefer to browse different websites for getting updated information and some people prefer to use Wi-Fi. Mobile operator based internet is very expensive and this is why, it is not possible to use by everyone. Many people want to avoid it but it is also difficult. Because they have to use internet and they have to use internet for getting connected with friends via social media. Wi-Fi is the best and the cheapest method of connection with internet. Users can use internet freely in smartphone and tablet PC. IN many laptops, the Wi-Fi feature is enable.
Using Wi-Fi is now a common method and you will get many people to use it. Because a router is no so expensive and this is why many people set up the router in their home and enable Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi feature is enable in smartphone, tablet PC and laptop. In the router, you will get all of the necessary instructions, device and cables which are important for installing the device. This is why, after buying the routers, you should give your attention on learning about Wi-Fi and router. This is why, you should read the router manual and other papers which comes with the device. So, you will get necessary instructions.
Different routers use different System and different IP address, Username and password. Manufacturer use different IP addresses in those devices and one IP address becomes default which is also selected by the router manual. Some routers also use IP address and this IP address has many values. The default IP address is changeable and yours can change following the rules but they cannot set any IP address as default. The changed IP address will be manual IP address. The Manual IP address is important thing until you change it. However, the default IP address, username and password are always necessary.
The default IP address is also used in various purposes. That is why, all of the experts suggest users to keep the default IP address as safe. The Manual setting and manual IP address has no use if you cannot remind the manual username, password and IP address. When you want to login to the router, then you need to use default information. You need a browser if you want to log in to the router control section. Brands for routers are not so important. You can use any browser but make the update of browser is updated.
On the address bar, you have to use the default IP address and press on the Enter button. When you press on the enter button, the, a login screen will be appeared. On that screen, you have to use username and password. When you hit on the enter button again, you will be logged in. But if you miss type the IP address or you do not use the default IP address, then you cannot log in. The browser will send the error message which is annoying. When you type the IP address, then you should be confirmed what you have typed.
When you log in to the router, you can set up everything and you should follow all rules and regulation when you set up all necessary information. That is why, you are recommended to read the router manual for clear instruction. You should think about routers setting and router and Wi-Fi security. Wi-Fi security is highly important. Different routers come with different functions for Wi-Fi security and you should learn all of things to know well.
In the Wi-Fi security features are also important. This is why, users should learn detail about Wi-Fi securities from the manual. Many people think most about the router security and this is why, the user want to change the default IP address which is not necessary. Changing the default IP address becomes necessary when IP address confliction problem occurs. When the same IP address runs in multiple devices in the same network, then IP address confliction problem occurs. You have to change the IP address and then you can use internet or Wi-Fi. The IP address confliction problem does not let users to use internet. The internet or Wi-Fi will be blocked by the IP address confliction problem.
Changing the IP address is possible from the last two parts. As the two front parts of the IP address carry the IP address Class, so the IP address will be same from the front. All of the IP address class is followed by the IP address range and Class C IP address range starts from to Now users can use any IP address from the IP address range except Because user wants to replace this IP address and setup a new IP address.
There are some rules of formations of the IP address which are necessary to know by the users. In the IP address, users cannot use any letter or word. There is no place for space, symbol or sign. According to the IP address formation rules, the users can use only three dots (.) but if the user use less or more dot in the IP address, then the IP address will be false and this IP address cannot be set in the router. The router will give warning message to the users. If you get any warning from the router, then check the IP address what you have used.
There are many options and features available for Wi-Fi security. Users should give attention on the section. If the users do not pay attention on the Wi-Fi security, the users can face terrible problem in future. Most of the Wi-Fi features can be enabled from the router settings. The user need to learn about all of the latest features which are available in the latest routers. From the routers manual and all of the papers which come with the device, users can use learn.
If the users are interested to learn more information, then they should choose YouTube and manufacturer websites. Everything are explained in the website clearly about the router. All of the instruction should be followed properly for getting better feedback from the users. This article is written in easy English language. So, it is also easy to understand. If the user follows this article, then the user can identify the problem and solution easily. The users can learn what they need to follow step by step. From this article, users will get proper instruction about the IP address and related false and Correct form of IP address.